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Request Approved Drawings
The Authority provides two types of drawings:

- Architectural Drawings;

- Structural Drawings


Application Requirement

The applicant must be

    - the owner of a private property,

    - the owner’s authorised agent,

    - the Chairman of MCST of condominium housing, or

    - a member of trustee (for religious organisation and society).



(i) The property owner of a private property or their authorised agent ;
(ii) The Chairman of Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST) of condominium housing ;
(iii) Any trustee of religious organisation,
can apply to inspect and copy their property’s approved drawings that are kept in our office.

You may:
(i) Download the application form BPD LS02 and send it to us with a search fee. The crossed cheque should be made payable to "Building & Construction Authority;
(ii) Apply in person at AVA/BCA Service Centre, 52 Jurong Gateway Road #06-01. The search fee is to be paid by NETS, Cash Card or Credit Card at the Counter;
(iii) Log on to Application for Inspection and Making Copies of the Approved Building & Structural Drawings for on-line submission. Payment modes of search fee are Internet Banking, eNETS Debit or credit card.

To submit the application, you are required to produce the following documentary proof together with the application form and the search fee:

  • For existing property owner/ Trustee of religious organisation - a photocopy of current Property Tax statement is required
  • For prospective purchaser (owner-to-be) - a photocopy of Notice of Transfer or Certificate of Stamp Duty is needed

If you are not the owner, or an agent appointed by the owner, then a letter from property owner authorising you to copy the drawings has to be attached with one of the above documentary proof.

Upon receipt of the application with the search fee, we will process and notify you in writing within 7 working days on the result of the search.

As there may be more than one set of approved drawings for a property, you will need to view the digital drawings and select the set that you want to copy. You are required to bring along the notification letter for the viewing and selection of drawings. You are also advised to view and select these drawings with your consultant.

After you have selected the required drawings, our counter officer will advise you on the amount of copying fee to pay. Additionally, if you require the drawings to be certified as "true copy", please notify our counter officer before you proceed to print the drawings.

Printing service is provided by our contract vendor at the Legal Search Counter. The copies of drawings will be printed on the same day.



Search fee (upon application) - $20 per address.

Copying fee (after viewing & selection of drawings) - $25 per set of drawings.

Certification of true copy of drawing - $5 per copy of drawing.

Printing fee (to be paid to the vendor's company directly) - $4 per sheet from Digital record.

Payments of Search/Copying/Certification fee are to be paid by NETS, Cash Card or Credit Card. Once the fee is paid and service rendered, there will be no refund of fee.