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Motion-sensor lights

Motion-sensor lights that reduce the need for the elderly to manually to turn on the lights can be considered as an alternative lighting option.

Universal Design (UD) Mark

To encourage the adoption of UD, BCA initiated the annual BCA UD Awards in 2007 to accord recognition to stakeholders for incorporating user-friendly features in their developments. 
The BCA UD Awards was replaced by the BCA UD Mark certification scheme in October 2012. 


About the BCA UD Mark

The BCA UD Mark is a voluntary certification scheme launched in October 2012 as an initiative to raise the bar on UD adoption in developments.  Since its inception, 119 awards had been given out to deserving projects. 

This initiative accords recognition to developments and stakeholders that adopt a user-centric philosophy in their design, operations and maintenance. It also aims to raise greater public awareness towards user-friendly buildings. This scheme allows assessment of projects at design stage, thereby, facilitating the incorporation of UD principles from the onset of project development.

A built development will be awarded a display plaque, indicating one of the four UD Mark ratings: Certified, Gold, GoldPLUS or Platinum. For on-going projects, UD Mark ratings will be determined based on design and indicated as Certified (design), Gold (design) or GoldPLUS(design).

Benefits of the UD Mark

The BCA UD Mark identifies and distinguishes developments that have gone beyond meeting minimum standards. With the impending silver tsunami, the recognition of best practices in enhancing accessibility and user-friendliness within the development provides the following benefits:

  • Improves competitiveness by meeting the varying needs of diverse user groups
  • Increase in the number of potential visitors to the development, thereby, generating greater sales and revenue
  • Generates a positive effect on the corporate image