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Graduated difficulty of access at parks and open spaces

A good signage system should enable one to choose for oneself the type of experience or degree of challenge desired. It also possesses the advantage of not always segregating the able-bodied from those who are physically challenged.

Applying Universal Design

Friendly carparks encourages wheelchair users to visit places conveniently and with minimal help.
Entrances should not only support high human traffic but also allow accessibility for our friends with special needs

Staircases often pose a problem not only to those with special needs. Find out how designs can be improved!
Our high dependence on lifts and escalators has increase the importance on the friendliness of these features.

A city that encourages all people to participate in a greater variety of activities will definitely make it a better living environment.
Noticed the improvements made to our public transport over recent years? With these transport nodes, everyone can now be physically active!

Privacy, comfort and safety are three critical factors to a user-friendly washroom, where assistance is often unavailable.
As the days go by, our needs within our homes changes in various ways and hence it is always good to have a well-design apartment.