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The BCA Green Mark Scheme was launched in January 2005 as an initiative to drive Singapore's construction industry towards more environment-friendly buildings. It is intended to promote sustainability in the built environment and raise environmental awareness among developers, designers and builders when they start project conceptualisation and design, as well as during construction.


BCA Green Mark provides a meaningful differentiation of buildings in the real estate market. It is a benchmarking scheme which incorporates internationally recognized best practices in environmental design and performance. This can have positive effect on corporate image, leasing and resale value of buildings. Benefits of BCA Green Mark include:

  • Facilitate reduction in water and energy bills,
  • Reduce potential environmental impact,
  • Improve indoor environmental quality for a healthy and productive workplace,
  • Provide clear direction for continual improvement.



Developers, building owners and government agencies would have to submit an application form to BCA to register their interest in participating in the BCA Green Mark Scheme.

BCA assessment team will have a preliminary meeting with the project team or building management team to brief on the criteria and request for relevant reports and documentary proofs to substantiate the subsequent submissions.

Actual assessment will be conducted on a later date once the team are ready. The assessment will include design and documentary reviews as well as site verification. Documentary evidences are to be submitted at the end of the assessment. Upon completion of the assessment, a letter of award showing the certification level of the projects will be sent to the team.

Click to view BCA Green Mark Scheme Assessment Criteria and Online Application

For General Enquiries on Application and Fees, please contact
Mr Charles at Tel 6325 5198 / (New Development)
Ms Pearlyn Lee at Tel 6325 5957 / (New Development)
Ms Rohana Haron at Tel 6325 5083 / (Existing Buildings)
Ms Eunice Sim at Tel 6325 5956 / (Existing Buildings)

For any clarification on the BCA Green Mark Scheme, please contact:
Category Contact Person Contact Details
New Non-Residential buildings Mr Lim San Teng
Ms Michelle Tan
Dr Lim Siew Mei
Mr Leow Yock Keng
New Residential buildings Ms Lee Sui Fung
Ms Ong Hui Wen
Ms Denise Kwok

Existing Non- Residential buildings

Mr Md Halim Anapi
Mr Kong Jia Hng
Ms Tracy Liu
Existing Residential Buildings Mr Lee Jang Young
Landed Houses Ms Grace Cheok-Chan
Ms Ong Hui Wen
Existing Schools Mr Kong Jia Hng
Ms Tracy Liu
Healthcare Facilities Ms Ong Hui Wen
Mr Francis Tay
New and Existing Parks Mr Benjamin Huang
Ms Ong Hui Wen
Infrastructure Dr Gao Chun Ping
Ms Yew Wey Ling
Rapid Transit Systems Ms Grace Cheok-Chan
District Dr Gao Chun Ping
Ms Yew Wey Ling
Mr Benjamin Towell
Office Interior Ms Lee Sui Fung
Ms Ong Hui Wen
Restaurants Ms Lee Sui Fung
Supermarket Mr Lim San Teng
Ms Chan Soo Cheng
Data Centre Ms Chris Tay
Ms Tracy Liu
Retail Mr Kong Jia Hng
Ms Tracy Liu
Overseas Projects
New Developments
Ms Yew Wey Ling
Overseas Projects
Existing Buildings
Mr Kong Jia Hng
Green Mark Incentives
GM GFA Incentive
Only for GoldPlus
and Platinum project
Ms Jolene Chong
GMIS (Existing Building) Ms Wendy Li
Mr Md Halim Anapi
Effective from 1 October 2011
Ms Zhang Xiuting
Mr Aloysius Aw
GMIS (Design Prototype)
Effective from 1 December 2010
Ms Matilda Kenanga
GMIS (New Building)
The fund is now fully committed.
Mr Ivan Lim
For URA's DCD URA's DCD Enquiry Line
Tel: 62234811
Legislation matters
Legislated Projects
(New buildings and existing building with major retrofitting)
GFA > 2000m2
Submission to URA from 15 Apr 2008 onwards
Ms Grace Cheok-Chan

Ms Ho-Chan Vun Ching
Mr Jordan Liang
For more information on legislation Please visit
Legislation on Environmental Sustainablility for Buildings
Enquiry on Green Products
Refer to the following approved certification bodies  
Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC)
General Information
General Enquiries on SGBC 6634 5518
Singapore Green Building Product & Services Certification
SGBC Certification Directory
Singapore Environment Council (SEC)
General Information Contact Singapore Environment Council;
Singapore Green Labelling Scheme 6337 6062
General Enquiries on SGLS 6337 6062
Green Product Certification Process

For information on Certification Course for Green Mark Manager and courses on sustainability (green building technology), please call : BCA Academy at 6248 9999 or visit the webpage on list of courses.


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