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Structural Plan Approval And Permit To Commence Structural Works

Building Works Requiring Accredited Checker's Certificate

All structural designs of building works are to be checked by an accredited checker. For exemption, please refer to the fourth schedule of the Building Control Regulations as appended here :



  1. Building works for or in connection with ---
    1. detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced or linked houses for residential purposes not exceeding 3 storeys involving only structures that are not the subject of sub-paragraphs (b) to (k);
    2. detached substations not exceeding 2 storeys, detached bin centres, detached guard houses and the like; and
    3. retaining walls and earth stabilising structures not exceeding a visible height of 4 metres;
    4. shophouses not exceeding 2 storeys (where attic or basement floor exceeding an area of 100 square metres shall be considered as a storey);
    5. single storey buildings, sheds, covered walkways and the like where the span of beams or roof trusses is not more than 15 metres or the span of any cantilever is not more than 6 metres;
    6. underground tank, swimming pool and the like not exceeding a depth of 4 metres;
    7. box culverts, canal crossings or bridges with spans not exceeding 5 metres;

    8. chimneys, lighting masts and the like not exceeding 20 metres in height;

    9. foundation for steel tank, equipment and the like not exceeding 20 metres in height;
    10. gantry cranes that are independently supported where the span between supports does not exceed 6 metres; and
    11. demolition of any building or structure.
  2. Structural works consisting of repairs, alterations and additions to an existing building which do not materially affect the key structural elements of the building.

You may consult the Building Engineering Division at Tel: 63257481 or email:, prior to plan submission if you have any doubt regarding the need for an accredited checker in your particular case.