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Application For Occupation Of Building Works - CSC


When the building works are completed, the applicant and the Qualified Person shall apply to the Commissioner of Building Control for a Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) or a Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP). The building can only be occupied when a CSC or TOP is granted. Application may be made directly for a CSC when all the requirements have been complied with. Otherwise when only certain requisites are complied with, application for a TOP may be made first before finally complying with all requirements and obtaining CSC. BCA can also issue an Express TOP within 24 hours if the requirements for TOP have been complied with. Fees will be charged for such express service. The application form BPD_ETOP for Express TOP has to be completed.

Application for TOP or CSC shall be made through the CORENET e-Submission System. The application form and other relevant forms can be downloaded from the CORENET e-Submission System.

On e-submission, please refer to the attached circular dated 26 May 04.


Procedure For Application For Certificate Of Statutory Completion (CSC)

Upon compliance of the written direction issued with the TOP, the QP and applicant may apply for the CSC. The QP and applicant may apply for the CSC if all the requirements are complied with without necessarily going through the TOP stage. The BCA will issue the CSC within 7 working days from the date of application if the submission is in order or from the date of full compliance of the requirements whichever is the later. A written direction for compliance of requirements for the CSC will be issued to the QP if there are outstanding requirements for compliance.

Requirements For CSC Application

Application Form BPD_CSC01 or e-form BCA-CSC-TOPCSC01 shall be completed and submitted together with clearances from the relevant technical departments and all the other requirements listed here.

Clearances from the following technical departments shall be submitted where applicable:

  • Central Building Plan Unit (CBPU), Pollution Control Department, Ministry of the Environment
  • Fire Safety & Shelter Department (FSSD)
  • Conservation Unit, Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) (for conservation projects)
  • Land Transport Authority (LTA-Road & Transport)
  • Land Transport Authority (LTA-Vehicle Parking)
  • Land Transport Authority (LTA-Rail)
  • National Parks Board (NParks)
  • URA Conservation & Urban Design Division (URA) for foreshore works under Foreshore Act
  • Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA), Ministry of Defence if specified in the planning conditions of the Written Permission (WP) from URA
  • Notice of Acceptance of Commissioning from Civil Defence Shelter Engineering Department, BCA for household/storey shelter for residential development
  • Any other clearances specified in the planning conditions in the WP from URA
  • Any outstanding building plan clearances from the relevant technical departments that were required at Building Plan approval stage but have yet to be submitted.
Other requirements to be complied with and submitted to the BCA:

  • Compliance confirmation of requirements specified in the planning conditions in the WP from URA (e.g. control height, plastering of party wall etc.)
  • Requirements listed in the written directions issued after the site inspection by the BCA or all the requirements from previous TOP/CSC application.
  • All relevant Certificates of Supervision listed in the explanatory notes of the "Request for Site Inspection Date under the Advance Booking System" (Form BPD_CSC09 or e-form BCA-CSC-RQSI) have been submitted

Documents and clearances for CSCs which had been submitted at TOP stage need not be submitted again at the CSC stage.

Last updated on 16-Nov-2006