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Handrails and grab bars for children

Handrails and grab bars for children with or without disabilities should be between 580 and 700 mm measured vertically from the ramp surface or pitch line of the stairs to the top of the handrails.

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The 7 Principles

The Seven Principles of Universal Design2, developed by the Centre for Universal Design, North Carolina State University, with a consortium of universal design researchers and practitioners from across the United States, are as follows:

Principle 1 – Equitable Design

The design is useful and marketable to people with diverse abilities.

Principle 2 – Flexibility in Use

The design accommodates a wide range of individual preferences and abilities.

Principle 3 – Simple and Intuitive

Use of the design is easy to understand, regardless of the user’s experience, knowledge, language skills, or current concentration level.

Principle 4 – Perceptible Information

The design communicates necessary information effectively to the user, regardless of ambient conditions or the user’s sensory abilities.

Principle 5 – Tolerance for Error

The design minimizes hazards and the adverse consequences of accidental or unintended actions.

Principle 6 – Low Physical Effort

The design can be used efficiently and comfortably and with a minimum of fatigue.

Principle 7 – Size and Space for Approach and Use

Appropriate size and space is provided for approach, reach, manipulation, and use regardless of user’s body size, posture, or mobility.

2 © Copyright 2006 The Centre for Universal Design, NC State University Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

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