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Prevention of falls

When older persons trip over a small obstacle or slip on a wet or smooth floor they may not be able to recover their balance. If there is no handrail or grab bar to provide support, they might fall and seriously injure themselves..

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Car Parks

A Friendly carpark makes the building more accessible to persons with different abilities. The convenience and safety of drivers and their passengers are critical issues that must be considered in the design of a building.

Accessible Parking Lot

Accessible parking lots marked in blue for easy identification from a distance.

Location of Accessible Parking Lots

Accessible parking lots, as far as possible, should not be located across the driveway from the car park lobby for safety.

Cash Top-up Machine

Cash top-up machine located beside the entrance of an accessible lobby and within reach of wheelchair users.

Electronic Signage System

Electronic signage at a carpark showing the number and location of available accessible parking lots.

Pedestrian Walkways and Crossings

Designated pedestrian walkways and crossings at carparks leading to the accessible lobby.

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