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Entrances to a building are often busy areas with a continuous flow of pedestrian traffic. To allow for these activities, adequate space should be provided according to user volume while sufficient directions should be provided at visible locations to orientate users.

Provision of Ramps to Entrance

Levelled entrances are preferred. Where these are not possible, ramps shall be fitted to allow the ambulant disabled to negotiate steps more easily and safely.

Accessible Entrance Door

Automated glass door for easy access.

Platform Lift and Wheelchair Stairlift

Where it is impracticable to provide a ramp, a platform lift or a wheelchair stair-lift can be considered as a reasonable alternative for building access.

Example of a Platform Lift

Example of a Wheelchair Stairlift

Accessible Lobby

Bollards with clear spacing to demarcate pedestrian zone and carpark. Bollards are unchained to facilitate pedestrian traffic flow.

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