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Prevention of falls

When older persons trip over a small obstacle or slip on a wet or smooth floor they may not be able to recover their balance. If there is no handrail or grab bar to provide support, they might fall and seriously injure themselves..

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Staircases / Ramps

Our Code on Accessibility in the Built Environment specifies certain needs and requirements that reconciles space limitations and accessibility requirements while satisfying the needs of special users.

Contrasting Colours

Ramps and landings in contrasting colours for better visibility

Landings At Staircases

Landings shall be provided after a maximum of 16 risers.

Landings At Ramps

Landings shall be provided at 9-meters intervals as well as at the top and bottom of each ramps that do not encroach on other circulation routes. Landings, as stipulated in the Code, shall be of at least 1500mm x 1200mm in size.

Handrails Extensions Staircases

Handrails on both sides of the staircase extending beyond the top and bottom steps.

Handrails Extensions Ramps

Handrails on both sides of the ramp extending beyond the horizontal run.

Handrails for Children Staircases

Additional handrails for children.

Handrails for Children Ramps

Additional handrails for children.

Nosing Strips

Treads of non-slip finish with permanent contrasting colour non-slip nosing strips integrated as part of the steps.

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