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Locker Provision for Pram and other heavy belongings

Pram depository service or large lockers that accommodate prams allow families to deposit their pram and other heavy belongings while using shopping centre facilities and other recreational or entertainment areas.

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Parks / Public Areas

Friendly parks should be designed to provide interaction and bonding through recreation to enable more persons with disabilities to participate in a greater variety of activities as well as to allow them to enjoy the great outdoor spaces. Beyond that sufficient seating and pavilions should be provided for users to pause and rest, or to seek shelter from the weather. Last but not least, all parks should be made safe, usable and accessible to all users.


Main accessible footpaths feature floor surfaces that are stable, firm, slip-resistant and durable.

Park Connectors

Accessible park connectors for both cyclists and pedestrians.

Pedestrian Crossings

Accessible pedestrian crossings connected to facilities within the park.


Accessible pavilion connected to the main footpaths.


Shock-proofed floor surface


Play equipment with rounded edges

Playground for children of all ages and abilities.

Entrance Gates

Entrance gates with visual and tactile profile elements for the visually impaired.

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