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Wheelchair parking spaces in cinemas

Wheelchair users usually sit higher and their viewing positions should be arranged so that the view of fellow moviegoers who may be seated behind them will not be obstructed.

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Transport Nodes

Friendly transport nodes should be barrier-free so that everyone in our society can embrace public transport. Transport nodes and building facilities should be integrated to provide a more accessible infrastructure to meet the travelling needs of all commuters particularly to the persons with disabilities. More importantly, the layouts and design of transport nodes should encourage people to be physically active.

Covered Linkways

Covered linkways leading to bus stops boast better connectivity to public transport nodes.

Wheelchair Accessible Buses

Wheelchair accessible buses for the physically challenged.

Bus Interchange

Queuing area


Seating facilities

Sheltered accessible bus interchange with seating facilities.

Taxi Stand

Sheltered accessible taxi stand at buildings.

Alighting and Boarding Bay

Large, sheltered accessible alighting and boarding bay for easy access.

Train Station

Accessible lift


Tactile indicators

Accessible train stations with accessible lifts and tactile indicators for the physically challenged.

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