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Flexible Arrangement of Tables and Chairs

A variety of table and chair arrangements or the flexible arrangement of tables and chairs in food establishments will help cater to groups of different sizes.

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UD Toilets

There are some general design considerations that can be applied to UD toilets.

Toilet for Wheelchair Users

An individual accessible toilet for wheelchair users with proper emergency call bell, toilet roll dispenser, flip-up grab bar, vertical and horizontal bar.

Child-Sized Water Closet

One child-sized water closet is preferred within an adult toilet cluster.

Ambulant Disabled Toilet Compartment

At least one ambulant-disabled compartment must be provided for the first five numbers of water closet compartments or part thereof.

Urinals for Ambulant Disabled

Urinal provisions that are suitable for both adults and children as well as for the ambulant-disabled.

Child Protection Seat

Child protection seat provided within a compartment in both male and female toilets.

Mirror for Wheelchair Users

Mirror positioned at an inclined angle above washing basin for wheelchair users.

Wash Basin for Children

Washing basin for children in both male and female toilets.

Hand Dryer

Hand dryer accessible to both wheelchair users and children.

Coat Hook

Coat hooks mounted at appropriate levels on a side wall of every accessible compartment.

Door Locks

User-friendly door handles at appropriate height.

To learn more about the application of UD principles in public and private toilets, the various toilet layouts and the provision of facilities, fittings or fitments, you may take reference from:

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