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Reflected glare can be reduced by eliminating reflective surfaces especially on floors and walls and by paying attention to the location of light sources relative to mirrors, glazing and materials with similar finishes.

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Universal Design Gold Award

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital at Yishun (Institutional Building)

More than just providing an extensive range of medical services and specialties, KTPH has a restful, tranquil and healing environment filled with greenery and water features to help relieve patients’ anxieties, and speed up their recovery processes. This is a result of good upfront planning with linkages to the reservoir and incorporation of a landscape courtyard and roof gardens within the hospital.

Key Features
  • Intuitive and good way finding through colour cues facilitate orientation despite the scale of the hospital complex.
  • Provision of Braille markings, rest areas with ample seating and child friendly provisions throughout the building exemplified the attention to details made for both patients and visitors to KTPH alike.
  • Incorporation of a shop with daily necessities to support patient’s rehabilitation at home.
  • Users were engaged to advise on provisions, thus enabling good integration at onset of design.

Universal Design Silver

Sentosa Boardwalk (Outdoor Spaces & Structures)

Seamless connection between Vivocity and Resorts World Sentosa via a variety of routes and means –sheltered, open deck, travellators, stairs and ramps provide various options of travel and caters to persons with different needs.

Key Features
  • Though, this is an outdoor transitory structure, user-friendly facilities like nursing room, first aid room, child-friendly fittings, are extra provisions made for enhanced convenience in view of the length of travel.
  • Interesting lighting patterns at glass railing and light patterns on floor not just enhanced the night time experience but serve as a safety barrier and alert one of level changes.
  • Braille on the handrail provides the visually handicapped visitors with directional guidance.
  • Ample seating areas throughout the whole development, both indoor and outdoor spaces, to create a comfortable environment.

Paya Lebar Mass Rapid Transport Interchange Station (Open Category)

Travel within and emerging from the station is hassle free and intuitive with its seamless interconnectivity. Large sheltered bus bays, integrated vehicular dropoffs with seats and sheltered walkways provide direct and easy movement of passengers of all ages and abilities.

Key Features
  • Despite the change in level, that links an aboveground with a belowground platform, a direct intuitive connection is maintained with escalators and wide corridors.
  • Artwork with local references gives identity to the station and also enhances the commuters travelling experience. The roof of the centre track is designed as a link-bridge, forming a design element and a viewing platform. Award winning seat were designed with handgrips to aid the elderly or physically disabled.
  • Good utilisation of space is found under the existing East West Line with a roundabout driveway for taxis and sheltered passenger pick-up is located amongst lush landscaping.
  • Good planning with provision of non-structural wall panels enable for connection to future adjacent developments.

Marina Barrage (Outdoor Spaces & Structures)

Marina Barrage has successfully integrated a welcoming community space for leisure and recreation within instead of a fenced utilitarian facility.

Key Features
  • Clever integration of user-friendly community spaces and utilities - design of landscape mound camouflages pump station and also allows visitors to stroll to the promenade at grade level, via a gentle slope to enjoy an elevated view of the channel and sea.
  • Good philosophy in catering to all users. The design has successfully engaged the public to use its open spaces, it is well utilised by all ages and open for 24 hours.
  • User-friendliness extends beyond providing family and child-friendly facilities e.g. audio tour players allows them to explore the facility at their own pace.
  • Nursing room, child size sanitary fittings and shower area for children to clean after playing with the water features, were some of the features that were catered for families.

River Vista@Kallang (Residential Building)

River Vista@Kallang is a vehicular free pedestrian friendly precinct, with blocks arranged along the periphery of the site, this makes way for a green, central open space that connects the residents directly to parks and the riverfront.

Key Features
  • Pedestrian central space is pleasant forming a conducive environment where children are free to play.
  • Kallang river edge is well engaged and utilised with level differences that are resolved with gentle sloping meandering footpaths.
  • Ample seating is planned purposefully at varying heights along the main pedestrian spine, along with a drop off porch and shelters at activity nodes.
  • Signage and colour-coded lift lobbies and staircase wall are applied strategically for a sense of direction, orientation and identification.

Mapletree Business City (Commercial Building)

Conceived as more than a place for work, the incorporation of ‘play’ is evident in its thoughtful provisions of conveniences and amenities like child-centre, multipurpose hall, gym with 40m pool and restaurants. Layering the site vertically creates spacious thoroughfare on the ground as well as an elevated landscaped deck, providing respite for the office users. The deck also provides a natural and seamless link to all buildings, including adjacent ones.

Key Features
  • Huge development with generous sized public spaces, cleverly articulated with art work. Good design considerations haven been put into beautifying the car park, defining the lobby with themed artwork, giving it a good overall feeling.
  • Subtle considerations were given to user-friendliness. e.g. planter boxes with seats, reception counters designed to cater to different statures, weatherprotected public spaces.
  • Nursing rooms and childcare facilities within the office development provide for a family friendly environment.
  • Generous facilities for tenants with multipurpose hall and meeting rooms.

Universal Design Bronze

Strathmore Green (Residential Building)

Strathmore Green is a HDB selected="true"="true"="true" En-bloc Renewal Project, comprising mostly elderly resident, hence there is distinct emphasis on connectivity and social inclusion. The integration of the studio apartment with other units within the same floor is a good demonstration of Universal Design which caters for an aging-in-place lifestyle where the elderly can integrate with the young within the community.

Key Features
  • The development has multiple accessible routes, allowing residents and visitors an option of walking either in a semi-open trellis or a fully sheltered route.
  • Elderly-friendly provisions extend from communal spaces to within the residential units. In the outdoors, there are elderly exercise stations and seats with grab bars; to and within the units grab bars also installed along the common corridors, emergency call buttons linked to a public electronic board are located at the public lobby and elder-friendly kitchen layout and fittings.
  • Provision for future communal facilities have been taken into consideration by locating them nearer to blocks with Studio Apartments, to minimise walking distance for the elderly.

Dover Gardens (Residential Building)

Seamless connectivity achieved through sensitive planning to overcome an existing 4-metre height difference in terrain and while enhancing the pedestrian network within and beyond the precinct.

Key Features
  • Comprehensive pedestrian network within and beyond Dover Gardens set up through a series of covered link ways with gentle ramps, allowing convenient access to residential blocks and amenities. Sheltered and wide drop off points with seating provides a grand entrance whilst providing a large overhang for shade.
  • Pockets of multi-generational spaces for recreation incorporated across the housing estate to promote greater social integration of the residents.
  • Contrasting coloured bands with distinct directional floor pattern act as way finding cues to assist residents and visitors navigate around Dover Gardens.

Marina Bay Financial Centre Commercial Phase 1 (Commercial Building)

Upfront and sound urban planning brings about comprehensive connectivity to adjacent developments and transportation network, providing visitors with sheltered access and convenience.

Key Features
  • In a large development with expectedly high volume of pedestrians and vehicular traffic, navigation around the corporate precinct is well-considered and designed.
  • Large, colour coded signage for easy identification across all levels of the development.
  • Attention to detail with design considerations provided with levelled entrances and generous sheltered pick-up/drop-off enhanced with safe, segregated traffic flow.
  • Generous spaces and wide corridors at subterranean mall provides for seamless connectivity to adjacent buildings and future MRT. Large open park forms a place of respite for office users.

Tribeca (Residential Building)

The open plan concept provides for cross ventilation, natural lighting and facilitates visual connection from the main entrance to the facilities.

Key Features
  • Main canopy over the first storey drop off provides a focal point for way finding whilst providing shelter.
  • Strategically placed water features provide visual and sensory cues to the resident and aids orientation.
  • The basement car park layout is simple with clear sightlines to cars, pedestrians and signages. Safety is enhanced with a dedicated pedestrian footpath and speed humps at the road crossing.

Golden Jasmine (Residential Building)

Although, Golden Jasmine is a purpose built residential development for the elderly, it is well integrated into existing precinct. The design of the communal facilitates has brought about an overall good feeling and mitigated the existing level difference in the terrain and enhancing the pedestrian network within and beyond the residential block.

Key Features
  • Elderly-friendly provisions: Within the units, there is levelled-entry, elder-friendly kitchen layout and fittings. Bathrooms are installed with grab bars and are spacious for the wheelchair bound.
  • Each unit is fitted with a emergency call button that is linked to a public electronic board located at the public lobby.
  • Trailing (or trail) bars along corridors provide support as they make their way around. Accessible lifts lead to the light exercise area and clinic located conveniently below the development.

Nicoll Highway MRT Station (Open Category)

Nicoll Highway MRT station is essentially a transport facility that has a well planned layout and design provisions catered for the diverse group of commuters.

Key Features
  • Seamless connections and aesthetic integration with adjacent commercial development, alighting/boarding bay, taxi stand and bus stop.
  • Wide passenger concourse allows unobstructed movement of commuters, providing comfortable travelling experience, especially during peak hours.
  • Vertical circulation is facilitated by various modes, including wide staircases with additional support handrails in the middle, ramps, lifts and escalators.
  • Signages bear names of adjacent buildings to aid orientation.

Skybridge and Rain Shelters between Queen’s Close and Mei Chin Road (Outdoor Spaces & Structures)

Integration of form and function to mitigate an existing 6-metre level difference, creating a convenient connection between a remote housing estate and amenities via a series of gentle ramps.

Key Features
  • Besides performing a utilitarian function, the ramp is incorporated with a series of steps as an alternative quick transit.
  • Rain shelters with seats are provided along the 1.5km long access route with landscaping to enhance the transitory experience.
  • Incorporation with lush landscaping and lighting design enhances the travel experience.
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