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Furniture at parks and open spaces

All park furniture such as seats, dustbins, advertising boards, artworks, etc. should be carefully sited to avoid posing an obstruction or a hazard to pedestrians.

Fund Disbursement

Upon receiving the documents in proper order, BCA will inform applicants within 14 working days on work items which have been approved in principle to allow for the commencement of proposed works according to the submitted work schedules.

Upon completion of the works, the applicant shall notify BCA and submit all invoices pertaining to the accessibility upgrading works, together with digital photographs of the completed works, for BCA’s approval and funds disbursement. The final amount of disbursement shall be at the discretion of BCA.

For applicants who have obtained in-principle approvals for their Accessibility Fund applications but have not completed work within 6 months from the proposed completion date, BCA reserves the right to recover any administrative charges incurred from the applicants.
Funded buildings will be showcased on “Our Friendly Built Environment” Portal which is set up to create public awareness for a friendly built environment and to acknowledge the efforts put in by building owners in making their buildings friendly and accessible.
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