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Prevention of falls

When older persons trip over a small obstacle or slip on a wet or smooth floor they may not be able to recover their balance. If there is no handrail or grab bar to provide support, they might fall and seriously injure themselves..

Applying for Accessibility Fund

Building owners or lessors who have the ownership right to upgrade the building; as well as lessees who can carry out the upgrading works with the endorsement of the building owners/lessors are eligible to apply for the Fund.
The application form for Accessibilty Fund is available at

Interested applicants need to submit a completed application form and the following supporting documents:

  • A short write-up on the purpose of applying the fund;
  • All necessary drawings showing plans and details of proposed accessibility works;
  • A schedule of proposed upgrading works;
  • Accessibility route plan;
  • Letter of undertaking to complete the works within the time stipulated;
  • Declaration on no similar funding obtained for proposed accessibility works under this application;
  • Photographs of the areas and its immediate surroundings where upgrading works are to be carried out; and
  • Detailed estimates including cost break-down by items.
We are committed to process all applications within 3 weeks, upon receipt of all necessary supporting documents. Applicants are advised to provide all required documents as well as complete and correct information early, to expedite the approval process.
Please submit all the above documents to:

The Accessibility Fund Secretariat

Universal Design Department

Building and Construction Authority

52 Jurong Gateway Road

Level 10-01

Singapore 608550

Please email to for any assistance needed in preparing application.