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Detectable surfaces along accessible routes, corridors and paths

Textured surfaces assist in giving a secure foothold to ambulant disabled persons while detectable surfaces with a change in plane will assist the blind or partially visually impaired.

Accessibility Fund

To promote an accessible built environment, BCA has launched Accessibility Fund that provides grants to building owners for upgrading their existing buildings with essential accessibility features. The Accessibility Fund is only for private buildings built before the implementation of Code on Barrier- Free Accessibility in Buildings-1990. Building owners, lessors who have the ownership right to upgrade the building and lessees who can carry out the upgrading works with the endorsement of the building owners/lessors are eligible to apply for this fund. Each development is eligible for up to two applications and could obtain grant up to S$300,000 per development. The fund will expire in 2021.

The fund would co-pay up to 80% of the construction cost of the Basic Accessibility Features cited below:
a)   Accessible approach to building;
b)   Ramps/lifts for improving accessibility in building’s first storey;
c)   Accessible toilet in building’s first storey or entrance level; and
d)   Signage for finding way to building’s accessibility features.
The fund could provide grant up to 80% of the construction cost of a passenger lift (constructed in accordance with the SS 550) for buildings which provide accessibility between floors. The grant amount per lift is capped at S$200,000.
The fund could also provide grants up to 60% of the construction cost of additional accessible toilets, accessible ramps; and Family Friendly Features cited below:
a)   Accessible Family washroom;
b)   Water closet compartment for ambulant disabled and elderly;
c)   Lactation room;
d)   Child friendly water closets, urinals and wash basins;
e)   Diaper changing stations;
f)    Hearing enhancement systems; and
g)   Braille and tactile features.