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Handrails and grab bars for children

Handrails and grab bars for children with or without disabilities should be between 580 and 700 mm measured vertically from the ramp surface or pitch line of the stairs to the top of the handrails.

Learning Points

‘Learning Points’ are observations compiled from past BCA UD Award winning buildings. Through this, BCA hopes to inculcate a “Design for All” culture, where industry stakeholders can go beyond code compliance to adopt UD from the building design concept stage, to transform our built environment into one that is accessible and friendly to persons of all ages and abilities.

Click below to find out more about these user-friendly features and facilities highlighted by the panel of judges as winning features in the grading system:

Needless to say, a truly friendly built environment cannot depend solely on the design and provisions. Maintenance personnel have a key role in ensuring that the facilities could and would continue to be properly used as intended.