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Our Friendly Building

Causeway Point Shopping Centre

1 Woodlands Square
Shopping Centres
Gold Plus

Accessibility Provision

External Accessible Route(s)
Taxi Stand(s)
Alighting & Boarding Bay
Integrated Transport Facilities
Train Station and Bus Interchange
Main Entrance
Accessible with Automated Door
Other Accessible Entrance(s)
Accessible Parking Lot(s)
10 and above, At some levels
Family Parking Lot(s)
Accessible Lift(s)
Accessible Toilet(s)
At all levels
Family Room(s) and/or Nursing Room(s)
At all levels
Children Play Area(s)
At some levels
Seating Facilities
At some levels

Other Remarks:

2015 Universal Design Mark Award Winner: Gold Plus

There are a total of 6 external accessible routes into the development, from:
- Woodlands Civic Centre (adjacent development)
- Bus interchange
- MRT Station
- Taxi stand
- Traffic junction across Woodlands Square & Woodlands Drive
- Sidewalk along Woodlands Square

All entrances to the building is accessible through auto doors, are step-less and sheltered.

2 Alighting and Boarding bays are provided. They are sheltered and provided with buffer zone of
more than 2500mm. Safety bollards are also provided for both the alighting and boarding bays and taxi stand
waiting area.

Bicycle parking lots are provided at 1st storey to encourage usability. Hybrid carpark lot is also provided.

There are a total of 6 accessible passenger lifts and mirrors are fitted in the interior of the lifts.

Accessible Toilets are provided at every level.


Building directory with maps is allocated prominently at main accessible entrance/ lobby
Building directory is located alongside the 24-hr through block link as it is a prominent accessible
route. Floor directories are also strategically provided next to escalator landings.

• Directional Signage
Directional signage is strategically located along accessible circulation routes and leading to
facilities and services. Signage also provide orientation on which floor the user is currently on.

• Clarity of signage system
Easy-to-read or understand characters and pictographs are used. Based on the location and viewing distance, the size of signage are increased.
Signage with braille are provided at beginning of corridor leading to the toilets and are
installed at an appropriate height.

Family-friendly provisions:

• Child-friendly sanitary facilities
Basin, WC with adaptor seat, urinal and child protection seat in cubicle are provided in both female and male toilet clusters.

• Nursing Room
Fitted with facilities (partitioned nursing area/s with seats, hot water dispenser, diaper changing station/counters, wash basin and bin) at an appropriate area for nursing mothers to feed and change their babies in privacy and comfort. All shopping floors are provided with at least 1 nursing room.

• Children's play area
Children’s Play Area are cited away from traffic and potential hazards. Shock-proofed floor surfaces are installed at all play area. There are designated spaces for kiddy rides and rest area.
Audited on : 04 May 2017
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