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Our Friendly Building

Nee Soon East Community Club (CC)

1 Yishun Avenue 9
Community Centres / Clubs / Associations

Accessibility Provision

External Accessible Route(s)
Alighting & Boarding Bay
Main Entrance
Accessible Parking Lot(s)
1, Only at 1st level
Accessible Lift(s)
Accessible Toilet(s)
At all levels
Seating Facilities
Only at 1st level

Other Remarks:

Accessible toilets are located within male and female toilets.
Lower wash basins and urinals are located within all male toilets.
Accessible amenities such as public telephones, information counter and directory board are available.
Accessible amenities such as information counter are located at level 1.
Audited on : 11 September 2008
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Friendly Orchard

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