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Our Friendly Building

Friendliness Level:
Intended User Group:
For Family With Young Children For Elderly For Ambulant Disabled For Hearing Impaired For Visually Impaired For Wheel Chair Users
Friendly Features:
Accessible Lifts Accessible Parking Lots

Compassvale Beacon

211B Compassvale Lane
Residential Buildings

Accessibility Provision

External Accessible Route(s)
Main Entrance
Other Accessible Entrance(s)
No specific entrance
Accessible Parking Lot(s)
8, carpark level 1 and open area
Accessible Lift(s)
Seating Facilities
Only at 1st level

Other Remarks:

Accessible amenities such as rooftop greenery, playground, adult and elderly fitness corners, letterboxes, pavilion, directory map are located at void deck and common area.
Audited on : 21 June 2012
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Friendly Orchard

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