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Our Friendly Building

Friendliness Level:
Intended User Group:
For Family With Young Children For Elderly For Ambulant Disabled For Wheel Chair Users
Friendly Features:
Children Play Areas Accessible Taxi Stand Accessible Lifts Accessible Parking Lots Accessible Toilets Alighting And Boarding Bay

Cairnhill Integrated Development (Cairnhill Nine)

9 Cairnhill Road
Residential Buildings

Accessibility Provision

External Accessible Route(s)
Taxi Stand(s)
Accessible, Only at 1st level
Alighting & Boarding Bay
Accessible, Only at 1st level
Main Entrance
Accessible with Automated Door
Accessible Parking Lot(s)
Provided, At all levels
Family Parking Lot(s)
Provided, At all levels
Accessible Lift(s)
Accessible Toilet(s)
Cubicle(s) for the Ambulant Disabled
Children Play Area(s)
Seating Facilities

Other Remarks:

2017 Universal Design Mark Award Winner: Platinum

Accessible external routes to building from:
1. Taxi stand along Cairnhill Road.
2. Alighting and boarding bay at Level 1.
3. The Heeren.
4. Pedestrian pathway along Bideford Road.
5. Pedestrian pathway along Cairnhill Road.

Accessible entrances:
1. Main entrance facing Cairnhill Road.

Entrance is step-less with auto door.

Alighting and boarding bay is provided with:
1. Shelter
2. Buffer zone
3. Safety rails
4. Seating

Signage are provided:
1. Directional signage leading to facilities and services located along accessible circulation routes.
2. Easy-to-read pictographs and characters
3. Good colour contrast
4. Good illumination
5. Clear visibility
6. Provision of Braille

Parking lots (345 Public carpark + 268 Residential carpark):
1. Wheelchair parking lots provided.
2. Clear directional signage are provided in the car park.
3. 9 Family parking lots provided (5 in public carpark, 4 in residential carpark)

All lifts are accessible with mirror fitted in the interior.

Staircases are provided with:
1. Non-slip nosing
2. Handrails on both sides
3. Secondary handrails for children
4. Braille indicators on handrails

Seating facilities provided:
1. Seats fitted with grab bars
2. Seats of varying heights
3. Adjacent pram/ wheelchair parking spaces

Sanitary facilities provided:
1. Ambulant disabled toilets with provision of grab bars on both sides.
2. Child protection seat
3. Diaper changing station
4. Child-friendly basin
5. Child-friendly urinal

Ample seating provided for visual supervision at children’s play area.

Other accessible facilities provided:
1. Landscaped spaces
2. Pavilions
3. Gymnasium
4. 3G equipment gardening
5. Swimming pool
6. Function hall
7. AED
8. Shower stalls
9. BBQ Facilities
10. Drinking fountains and vending machines
Audited on : 22 May 2017
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