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Our Friendly Building

Friendliness Level:
Intended User Group:
For Elderly For Ambulant Disabled For Hearing Impaired For Visually Impaired For Wheel Chair Users
Friendly Features:
Accessible Lifts Alighting And Boarding Bay

Meridian LRT Station (PE2)

60 Punggol Field
Transport Facilities

Accessibility Provision

External Accessible Route(s)
Alighting & Boarding Bay
Main Entrance
Other Accessible Entrance(s)
Accessible Lift(s)
Seating Facilities
Platform Level

Other Remarks:

Tactile indicators leading to lifts, exit door, Entrance A and B are provided. Accessible lifts – 2 at Concourse level (at Entrance A and B) and 2 at Platform level.
Accessible amenities such as public telephone, General Ticketing Machine (GTM) and fare-gates are available.
Audited on : 13 February 2010
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Friendly Orchard

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