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Our Friendly Building

Friendliness Level:
Intended User Group:
For Family With Young Children For Elderly For Ambulant Disabled For Hearing Impaired For Wheel Chair Users
Friendly Features:
Family Rooms or Nursing Rooms Accessible Lifts Accessible Parking Lots Accessible Toilets

Gardens By The Bay (Cloud Forest)

18 Marina Gardens Drive
Places of Interest / Leisure

Accessibility Provision

External Accessible Route(s)
Main Entrance
Accessible with Automated Door
Accessible Parking Lot(s)
10 and above, Garden Basement, Meadow and Satay By The Bay
Family Parking Lot(s)
4, Garden Basement
Accessible Lift(s)
Accessible Toilet(s)
Level 1 and 3
Cubicle(s) for the Ambulant Disabled
Level 1 and 3
Family Room(s) and/or Nursing Room(s)
Only at 1st level
Seating Facilities
At some levels

Other Remarks:

2014 Universal Design Mark Award winner: Platinum

The nearest car park is located at Garden Basement car park, there are a total of 407 car park lots, excluding 4 of which are accessible lots, 4 family lots, 5 reserved lots and 39 motorcycle lots.
Two other parking areas are located at Satay by the Bay car park and the Meadows car park.
At Satay by the Bay car park, there are a total of 138 car park lots excluding 3 accessible lots and 6 motorcycle lots.
At The Meadows, there are a total of 285 lots, excluding 3 accessible lots and 10 motorcycle lots.

There are a total of 6 lifts serving the main attraction from L1 to L7 and another 1 lift is provided each, to +5oC and Secret Garden.
Ramp is provided throughout Cloud Walk section at the Canopy from Level 3 to Level 6, and a lift is provided from Level 6 to level 7 for wheelchair users to complete the walk. Double handrails are provided throughout the ramp at The Canopy. Anti-slip walkway is provided throughout the Cloud walk section.

There are 3 accessible toilets within the development: 1 at Level 1, 2 at level 3
Lower urinal is provided in each of the male toilet.
Toddler seat, child seat adapter and lower hand wash basin are provided in each of the male and female toilet.
Diaper-changing station is provided within the nursing stations at level 1 and level 3.

Accessible amenities such as water dispensers are located outside each toilet cluster; ticketing counters are provided outside the entrance, Visitor Services Centre is located opposite the ticketing counter, lockers, ATM machines and AXS stations are provided at level 1 outside the Cloud Forest, rental of wheelchairs, baby strollers and umbrellas are available for rent at the Customer Services Centre and first aid box is also provided there.

Adequate directional signages with contrasting colors are located at appropriate areas. Clear and simple symbols are used.
Audited on : 10 October 2013
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