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Our Friendly Building

Asia Square Tower 2

12 Marina View
Commercial Buildings / Offices

Accessibility Provision

External Accessible Route(s)
Taxi Stand(s)
Accessible, Only at 1st level
Alighting & Boarding Bay
Accessible, Only at 1st level
Main Entrance
Accessible with Automated Door
Other Accessible Entrance(s)
Accessible Parking Lot(s)
3, 1 each at L3-L5
Accessible Lift(s)
Accessible Toilet(s)
Only at 1st level
Seating Facilities
L1 and L2

Other Remarks:

There are 5 accessible routes into the development:
- From taxi stand along Marina View
- From zebra crossing along Shenton lane
- From Asia Square Tower 1
- Along Shenton way
- Along Marina View

There are 2 entrances into the development:
- From Asia Square Tower 1
- From Alighting and boarding bay

Tactile indicators leading to alighting and boarding bay, taxi stand and entrances are provided at level 1.

There are 3 retail lifts servicing the development; 1 from L1 to L2, 2 from L1 to L5.

The office tower is divided into 3 zones (Low – L6 to L15, Mid – L16 to L24 and High – L25 to L31) and each zone is serves by 8 passenger lifts, operational via card access and key pad system.

Accessible amenities such as reception counter and card access gantry are provided at the office tower.

Accessible amenities such as lobby and café are located at level 1; food garden is located at level 2; gym is located at level 6 in Tower 1.

A total of 3 accessible parking lots are provided at all carpark levels, L3 to L5, 1 at each level.

Accessible toilets are provided on every floor; those located within offices are equipped with shower facility.

First aid kit is located at the Fire Command Centre (FCC) located at L 1.

Accessible cashcard topup machine is provided at L3.

Directional signages with contrasting colors are placed at appropriate areas.

Clear and simple symbols are used.
Audited on : 15 September 2014
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