In line with the Joint MND-MOM Review Committee on Construction Safety to extend safety awareness and promote safety culture in small and medium construction firms, BCA has introduced a simplified version of the OHSMS Management system called the "Safety Management Certification System for Small and Medium Construction Firms (SMC)".

The SMC was developed to help the small and medium contractors to plan for safety and manage their construction operations in a simple and systematic manner. The SMC enable firms to have clear assignment of responsibilities for their project staff and workers. Firms are required to formulate standard safety procedures on site including regular site and work areas inspections, emergency preparedness, safety training and awareness.

The Occupational Health & Safety Management System is a management system that enable firms to control the impact of their activities, products and services on the Occupational Health & Safety. The standards provide a framework for firms to establish a strategic approach to their Occupational Health & Safety policy, plans and actions.

BCA contractors registered in grades C1, C2 as well as L2 to L6 for CR08 (Piling), CR10 (Precast Concrete Products) and CR12 (Soil Investigation & Stabilization) are required to obtain the BCA SMC certification to remain in these grades.

The SMC certification requirement is now extended to contractors registered in grades L2 to L6 for the following workheads:

a) ME01 (Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation Works)
b) ME02 (Building Automation, Industrial & Process Control Systems)
c) ME05 (Electrical Engineering)
d) ME06 (Fire Prevention & Protection Systems)
e) ME11 (Mechanical Engineering)
f) ME12 (Plumbing & Sanitary Works)
g) MW02 (Housekeeping, Cleansing, Desilting & Conservancy Service)
h) MW03 (Landscaping)
i) MW04 (Pest Control)

The implementation will be done is 3 phases as shown below:

a) L6 and L5 contractors by 1 Jul 2013;
b) L4 and L3 contractors by 1 Jul 2015; and
c) L2 contractors by 1 Jul 2016.

Companies that are certified with a valid OHSAS 18000 are exempted from the SMC certification.

To help smaller contractors develop and implement the SMC, contractors can attend the 2-day SMC workshop conducted by SCAL. The aim of the workshop is to provide training and guidance to the firms to understand, develop and implement the SMC. As such they do not need to engage management system consultants to set up the system for them. A firm who has attended this training is expected to take about 3-5 months to implement the SMC to be ready for certification. For more information on the workshop, please contact SCAL at Tel : 62729986 .

SMC consists of 4 basic requirements:

  • Occupational Health & Safety Policy
  • Planning
    • Planning for hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control
    • Legal and other requirement
  • Implementation and Operation
    • Structure and responsibility
    • Training, awareness and competence
    • Document control
    • Operation control
    • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Checking and Corrective Action
    • Performance monitoring
    • Accidents, incidents, non conformances and prevention

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