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31 Jul 2015
Discover the future of construction at the BCA Construction Productivity Gallery. 
24 Jul 2015
New Crane Approved Training and Testing Centre (ATTC) offers courses in Crane Operation.
24 Jul 2015
Launch of the Fourth Land Parcel Tender for the Development of an Integrated Construction and Prefabrication Hub (ICPH). .
24 Jul 2015
New Contractors Registration System (CRS) Requirements:
1. Specialist Diploma in Construction Productivity (SDCP)..
2. Advanced Certificate in Construction Productivity (ACCP)..

17 August 2015
Launch of the BCA Universal Design (UD) Mark Version 2.0 (2015) (96.82KB.pdf)
22 July 2015
Design of structural steel in buildings (including pre-fabricated & pre-finished volumetric construction) - Guidelines on provision for corrosion protection and periodic structural inspection (72.65KB.pdf)
9 June 2015
Changes to the temporary occupation permit and certificate of statutory completion (160.87KB.pdf) (1.54MB.pdf)
26 May 2015
Extension of transition deadline for booking of site inspection for temporary occupation permit/certificate of statutory completion via CORENET (97KB.pdf)
The BCA Awards is an annual event to honour and pay tribute to displays of excellence in the built environment in the areas of safety, quality, productivity, sustainability and user-friendliness.
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