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PBU Manufacturer Accreditation Scheme



The PBU (Prefabricated Bathroom Unit) Manufacturer Accreditation Scheme was developed jointly by BCA and SCI and launched on 6 August 2014. The scheme serves to ensure quality assurance and control in the production of PBU. The scheme is administered by SCI and SCI will award the Certificate of Accreditation.

From 1 November 2014, projects are mandated by the Building Control (Buildability and Productivity) Regulations to adopt Prefabricated Bathroom Units (PBUs) in residential (non-landed) sites, including Executive Condominiums (EC) and residential (non-landed) component of mixed-use sites sold under the Government Land Sales (GLS) programme.

The PBU Manufacturer must obtain the Building Innovation Panel (BIP) In-Principle Acceptance (IPA) prior to application for accreditation. The accreditation assessment emphasise on capabilities, processes and specific quality criteria for the manufacture of PBU.


The accreditation is based on the following criteria:

  • Quality Plan
  • Plant and Design Capabilities
  • Human Resource
  • Quality Control In Production
  • Storage, Protection, Delivery and Maintenance
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions


The benefits of the scheme include:

  • Listing of BIP In-principle accepted PBU manufacturer on BCA webpage:
  • Enhance buildability and productivity
  • Effective implementation of quality plan
  • Better quality control and quality assurance
  • Enhance public image of manufacturer


To know more about the Accreditation Scheme and application procedures, contact SCI Secretariat at 6552 0674 or scinst@scinst.org.sg. You may also log on to SCI website at http://www.scinst.org.sg for more information.