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Accreditation Scheme For Waterproofing Specialist Contractors


The Singapore Concrete Institute (SCI) administers the Waterproofing Accreditation Scheme which was launched in September 2004. The aim of this scheme is to ensure a minimum competency and raise the capability of waterproofing specialist contractors serving the construction industry in the longer term. It also provides recognition to contractors who are committed to delivering quality waterproofing works.

The scheme is part of the effort to promote greater self-regulation by the industry. The accreditation criteria were developed jointly by SCI and Building and Construction Authority (BCA) with inputs from waterproofing specialists and the Waterproofing Trade Association. Real Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore (REDAS) supports the scheme and encourages its members to specify the use of accredited contractors for their projects.


There are three categories of grading under the accreditation: they are W1, W2 & W3. Waterproofing specialist contractors are assessed using the accreditation criteria during the accreditation audit. Subsequently, the accredited contractor will be assessed annually. Compliance with the criteria is required to retain or upgrade their grading.


The accreditation criteria are based on the following:

  • Financial & track records
  • Human resources
  • In-house quality management system


The benefits of the scheme include:

  • Full points are awarded to projects employing accredited firm for Internal Wet Area Waterproofing in-process check under CONQUAS without the need for onsite verification
  • Accredited firms are eligible for Waterproofing Excellence Award by SCI for consistent quality waterproofing works
  • Bonus architectural CONQUAS point (provisional) awarded if project engages a SCI Waterproofing Excellence Award firm for their waterproofing works
  • Improved marketability and competitiveness
  • Supported by REDAS
  • Enhanced public image of firm


To know more about the Accreditation Scheme and application procedures, contact SCI at 6552 0674 or scinst@singnet.com.sg. You may also log on to SCI website at http://www.scinst.org.sg for more information.