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Mooring Facilities


The BCA provides Mooring Facilities at the Pulau Punggol Aggregate Terminal (PPAT) to facilitate the import of aggregates into Singapore. The Mooring Facilities supports the bulk breaking of vessels and large barges for the aggregates to land at the Aggregate Terminal.

At present the following Mooring Facilities are available for application:

Mooring Facility No. Buoy No. Involved Maximum Allowable Size of Barge / Bulk Carriers Maximum Draft (after allowing for 1m Underkeel Clearance) Maximum Displacement of vessel (tonne)
MF 1 Buoys B1A + B2A Bulk Carrier
200m LOA
9.6m 60,000
MF 2 Buoys B3A + B4A Bulk Carrier
200m LOA
11.0m 60,000
MF 3 Buoy B5A Barge
365ft - 420ft
2.7m 30,000
MF 4 Buoy B3 Barge
365ft - 420ft
2.7m 30,000
MF 5 Buoys B8A + B9A Bulk Carrier
200m LOA
9.5m 60,000

Procedures for Application for Use of Mooring Facilities

Applicants for the use of the Mooring Facilities are advised to read carefully the following documents before submitting their applications.

  1. MF-Application Procedures
  2. MF-Terms and Conditions
  3. MF-Application Form