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Legislative Requirements

Installation of Air-Conditioning Unit

With effect from 1 October 1999, any owners of premises who want to install air-conditioning units must engage trained installers to do so. This will ensure that the work is being properly carried out.

Stainless steel bracket must be used to support the air-conditioning units in one of the standard methods stipulated in the Building Control Regulations.

Upon completion of the installation, the installer will submit the installation report to HDB if the air-conditioning unit is installed in an HDB flat or BCA if it is installed in a non-HDB flat.

Maintenance of Air-Conditioning Unit

As the air-conditioning unit and its supporting frame are exposed to elements of nature, it is important that the owner regularly inspects it - at least once every 6 months - to see that the supporting frame has not deteriorated due to corrosion or wear and tear over time. A more thorough inspection should be carried out by an installer when he is engaged to clean/maintain the air-conditioning unit.

Regular maintenance is essential to prevent the risk of dislodgement of the air-conditioning units and, hence, ensures the public's safety.

Retrofitting of Air-Conditioning Unit

For the safety of the public, all window-type air-conditioning units that were fitted with timber frames were required to be retrofitted by trained installer with stainless steel brackets by 30 September 2000. This is because when the timber frame rots, the window air-conditioning unit might tear away from the frame and fall to the ground, which pose great danger to the public. This requirement, however, did not apply to air-conditioning units which are installed on the lowest level of the building or in landed properties.

Window air-conditioning unit mounted in
timber frame at air-con opening.

Window air-conditioning unit supported on
stainless steel bracket at air-con opening.

Window air-conditioning unit mounted in
timber frame at window opening.

Window air-conditioning unit supported on
stainless steel bracket at window opening.


No tray or receptacle shall be placed beneath and/or on top of any air-conditioning unit so as to avoid creating a condition favourable for mosquito breeding.