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Standard Installation Methods for Air-Conditioning Units

The Building Regulations prescribe standard methods of installation for air-conditioning unit. Your trained installer would know how to fit your air-conditioning unit according to these standard methods. These standard methods apply to the majority of HDB flats and private properties. However, there might be cases where these standard methods might not be suitable because of variation in the building design.

For HDB flats, HDB has alternative methods to accommodate variation in their building designs and these alternative methods have been approved by the Commissioner of Building Control for the purpose of this legislation. Your trained installer would be aware of the alternative methods for HDB flats. The illustrations of the alternative methods are also available upon request from any HDB Branch Office.

For private properties, if the design of your building requires you to deviate greatly from the standard methods, you may apply to the Commissioner of Building Control for approval for your particular installation method. Please write to Commissioner of Building Control, 52 Jurong Gateway Road, #10-01, Singapore 608550 or come down for a consultation session during Mondays to Fridays, 9.00am - 5.30pm.