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Installation Of Air-Conditioning Units - Trained Installer

When you need to install/retrofit your air-conditioning unit, you must always engage a trained installer to do so.

A trained installer is a person who has passed a training course for installing air-conditioning supports at the BCA Academy. He has an identification pass that looks like the sample shown below.

His name, particulars and a photograph are shown on his identification pass. You should ask the person you engage to retrofit/install your air-conditioning unit to show you his pass to ensure that he is a trained installer.

Additional Information on Trained Installers

  1. Click here for a list of trained installers registered with BCA . You can use this list to verify the identity of the trained installer that you have engage.

  2. Click here for information about the course that trained installers have to take. This information might be useful to those interested in seeking the appropriate training to become a trained installer.