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Investment Allowance Scheme for the Construction Industry

Investment Allowance Scheme (IAS)


In conjunction with the implementation of the Construction Industry Transformation Map (ITM), the Investment Allowance Scheme (IAS) will be extended to 2023 to provide continual support for Mechanisation. The minimum capital investment would be raised to $100,000 and support for IT related equipment will be transferred over to the Construction Productivity and Capability Fund (CPCF).

Trench Cutter
Tower Crane(Tip load of 10T@30m) Concrete Crusher

The Investment Allowance Scheme (IAS) administered by BCA for the construction industry was introduced in 1982. IAS helps to accelerate the pace of mechanisation through tax incentives for capital investment on productive construction equipment. Builders who tap on the scheme to upgrade their capability and increase productivity can enjoy tax relief on approved capital expenditure.

Under the scheme, expenditure incurred by Singapore-registered companies on new productive construction equipment will be eligible for investment allowance at a support level of 50%. The equipment must achieve 20% productivity improvement at project level or trade level.

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Interested companies can discuss with BCA on the potential improvement to their work and get support under IAS. Please contact:

Construction Productivity and Quality Group
Building and Construction Authority

52 Jurong Gateway Road, #11-01
Singapore 608550
Tel: 1800 3425 222
Fax: 6334 4287
Email: bca_enquiry@bca.gov.sg