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Best Buildable Design Awards 1999

Award Winners - Commercial & Office Buildings


Centennial Tower is a 37-storey office building, designed with the option for an additional 15 storeys. It is built on a two-storey basement carpark, which is a continuation of Millenia Walk carpark.

Twenty storeys of the building were built in three months, the same time it would take a contractor to finish renovating a HDB flat. This rate of construction sounds improbable but true.

Architectural Consultant Kevin Roche, John Dinkeloo & Associate
DP Architects Pte Ltd
Structural Consultant Meinhardt (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Contractor (Design & Build) Dragages et Travaux Publics (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Client Pontiac Marina Pte Ltd
Total Construction Cost S$149 Million
Contract Period 23 mths
Gross Floor Area 66, 270 m2
Buildability Score 74

Main Buildable Features

(a) Special formwork system was designed by the contractor to suit the curved profile of the facade. The column, wall and facade were constructed in the same operation by using the specially designed formwork. Telescopic table formwork system was also used for the construction of the beams and floor slabs. The use of system formwork produced high quality finish, thus eliminating labourious plastering. In fact, all the components were skim-coated.

(b) Granite cladding and curtain wall were used to clad up the building. The 7,773 m2 of curtain wall was standardised to six different panel sizes. Off-site fabrication of these wall system and its easy installation reduced the number of site labour.

(c) To enhance the productivity on site, precast staircase, prefabricated reinforcement for the core walls, beams and columns were also used.

High buildability was achieved in this project through technical innovations, good construction techniques coupled with simplicity in detailing and standardisation of building components.

The unit cost of this project was $1,888/m2 which was lower than the industry average of $2,200 to $2,650 per m2 for the office within CBD (up-market) category. This project was completed in 23 months. A time saving of 5 months as compared to a similar project using the conventional method.