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Best Buildable Design Awards(This award will be discontinued from 2008 onwards)

About The Award

The BCA Best Buildable Design Awards was introduced to recognise the contribution of the Qualified Persons (QPs) in achieving construction efficiency through the adoption of buildable design. The awards are intended to promote greater awareness and use of more buildable design.

The three principles of buildable design are:-

  1. Standardisation
    This refers to repetition in dimensions and grids, component sizes and connection details.

  2. Simplicity
    This means uncomplicated building systems and connection details.

  3. Single integrated elements
    Those that combine related components together into single element that may be prefabricated.


There are 8 categories under the Awards:

  1. Residential Landed Buildings Category
  2. Residential Non-landed Buildings Category (for projects with GFA < 25,000m2)
  3. Residential Non-landed Buildings Category (for projects with GFA > 25,000m2)
  4. Commercial and Office Buildings Category
  5. Institutional Buildings Category
  6. Industrial Buildings Category
  7. Mixed Development Buildings Category
  8. Additions & Alterations / Upgrading Buildings Category


Projects are assessed based on the following criteria:-

  1. Buildability score of the project;
  2. Design process;
  3. Aesthetics;
  4. Innovative designs and/or products; and
  5. Construction technology and management.