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Green and Gracious Builders Award

About The Award

BCA launched the Green and Gracious Builder Scheme (GGBS) in February 2009 to promote environment protection and gracious practices during the construction phase of projects. To stay relevant with the dynamics of the industry, the GGBS criteria were enhanced and a version 2 Guidebook were launched in April 2014. This guide is a useful reference for certified builders, as well as those aspiring to be certified.

The scheme was further enhanced to GGBS version 2.1 on 20 October 2016 to recognise the adoption of productive construction methods and place greater emphasis on gracious practices. Productive construction methods could reduce on-site construction activities, shorten construction time on site, and thereby reduces disamenities to the public. Interested firms can submit for certification by completing the application form online.

The GGBS (SMC) was launched in April 2014 to encourage small and medium construction firms (SMC) to work in a smart and responsible manner. SMCs can adopt the best practices illustrated in the GGBS (SMC) Guide to help them overcome the challenges faced in smaller projects. Interested SMCs can submit for certification by completing the application form online.

The list of Frequently Asked Questions will answer most questions on both schemes. For more information, please contact:

  1. Ms Kong Chok Yew at kong_chok_yew@bca.gov.sg or certification hotline at 6730 4411.
  2. Ms Kathy Ong at kathy_ong@bca.gov.sg
  3. Ms Carol Tan at carol_tan@bca.gov.sg

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