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Functions of the Registry

The Contractors Registry is administered by the Building and Construction Authority to serve the procurement needs of government departments, statutory bodies and other public sector organizations including first level sub-contractors involved in government projects.

Except for Regulatory Workheads (RW), the Registry functions as an administrative body only for the public sector procurement. As such, business entities which are not registered with BCA are not precluded from conducting business as contractors or suppliers outside the public sector.


Scope of Registration

There are seven major registration categories, namely Construction Workhead (CW), Construction Related Workhead (CR), Mechanical & Electrical Workhead (ME), Maintenance Workhead (MW), Supply Head (SY), Trade Head (TR) and Regulatory Workhead (RW). There are 7 financial grades for CW, 6 financial grades for CR, ME, MW, SY and single grading for CR01, CR03, CR15, CR17, CR18, TR and RW.

With effect from 1 April 2020, MW will be renamed as Facilities Management Workhead (FM). A new FM01 workhead will be introduced with 4 financial grades while the existing MW02, MW03 and MW04 will be renamed as FM02, FM03 and FM04 respectively. Please refer to SRR for MW and FM for more details.

For more information on Registration Requirements, please refer to http://www.bca.gov.sg/ContractorsRegistry/contractors_registration_requirements.html