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Work Head:
  CW01 General Building
  CW02 Civil Engineering
  CR01 Minor Construction Work
  CR02 Corrosion Protection
  CR03 Demolition
  CR04 Fencing & Ironworks
  CR05 Concrete Repairs
  CR06 Interior Decoration & Finishing Works
  CR07 Cable / Pipe Laying & Road Reinstatement
  CR08 Piling Works
  CR09 Repairs & Redecoration
  CR10A Automated Precast Concrete Production
  CR10B Precast Concrete Production
  CR11 Signcraft Installation
  CR12 Ground Support & Stabilisation Works
  CR13 Waterproofing Installation
  CR14 Asphalt Works & Road Marking
  CR15 Site Investigation Works
  CR16 Curtain Walls
  CR17 Windows
  CR18 Doors
  FM01 Facilities Management
  FM02 Housekeeping, Cleansing, Desilting & Conservancy Service
  FM03 Landscaping
  FM04 Pest Control
  ME01 Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation Works
  ME02 Building Automation, Industrial & Process Control Systems
  ME03 Solar PV System Integration
  ME04 Communication & Security Systems
  ME05 Electrical Engineering
  ME06 Fire Prevention & Protection Systems
  ME07 High & Low Tension Overhead Line Installation
  ME08 Internal Telephone Wiring for Telecommunications
  ME09 Lift & Escalator Installation
  ME10 Line Plant Cabling / Wiring for Telecommunications
  ME11 Mechanical Engineering
  ME12 Plumbing & Sanitary Works
  ME13 Traffic Light Systems
  ME15 Integrated Building Services
  RW01 Window Contractors
  RW02 Lift Contractors
  RW03 Escalator Contractors
  RW02A Lift Installation Contractor
  RW02B Lift Maintenance Contractor
  RW03A Escalator Installation Contractor
  RW03B Escalator Maintenance Contractor
  RW04A MCPS Installation Contractor
  RW04B MCPS Maintenance Contractor
  SY01A Essential Construction Materials
  SY01B Ready-Mixed Concrete
  SY01C Other Basic Construction Materials
  SY02 Chemicals
  SY04 Electrical Equipment
  SY05 Electrical & Electronic Materials, Products & Components
  SY06 Finishing & Building Products
  SY07 Gases
  SY08 Mechanical Equipment, Plant & Machinery
  SY09 Mechanical Materials Products & Components
  SY10 Metal & Timber Structures
  SY11 Petroleum Products
  SY12 Pipes
  SY14 Sanitary Products
  TR01 Formwork
  TR02 Steel Reinforcement Work
  TR03 Concreting Work
  TR04 Drywall Installation
  TR05 Pre-cast Installation
  TR06 Ceiling Work
  TR07 Tile/Marble/Stone Work
  TR08 Timber, Vinyl and Laminate Flooring Works
  TR09 Plastering/Skimming
  TR10 Ironmongery & Metalwork
Builder Licensing:
  GB1 General Builder Class 1
  GB2 General Builder Class 2
  SB(GS) Specialist Builder (Ground Support and Stabilisation Works)
  SB(PC) Specialist Builder (Pre-cast Concrete Work)
  SB(PT) Specialist Builder (In-situ Post-tensioning Work)
  SB(PW) Specialist Builder (Piling Works)
  SB(SI) Specialist Builder (Site Investigation Work)
  SB(SS) Specialist Builder (Structural SteelWork)
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