(Posted on 14/10/2014)


BCA will be launching new course ‘Advanced Certificate in Construction Productivity’ (“ACCP”) which will be the CRS registration requirement for B2 grades in CW. This course aims to equip the construction industry professionals with the latest construction productivity trends and technology in order to attain higher technical competencies and drive construction productivities in their respective companies.

New CRS Requirement (For Your Company’s Action)

Please note that the ACCP will be replacing BCCPE as a new CRS requirement for B2 grade in CW.

To fulfil this requirement, your firm must have at least one of the full-time employed Registrable Professional/Professional/Technical personnel (in short RP/P/T) registered with CRS to obtain the ACCP by 1 Jan 2016 for B2 grades

Enrolment for ACCP course will start from 14 October 2014, please go to for course brochure.
If you need further assistance, please refer to our website at:

To view your registered P&T’s record and eligibility, please login to eBACS:
Upon enrolment of the course, please email your registration acknowledgement receipt (issued by BCAA) to for our record.

Alternatively, you can also contact us:
For enrolment and enquiries on the SDCP, please email to or call 62489999.
For enquiries on CRS requirements and P&T eligibility, please email to or call 1800 342 5222.
For other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), please click here