(Posted on 20/03/2014)

The current eCRCS will be migrating into an entirely new platform known as eBACS (electronic Builders Licensing And Contractor Registration System) on 4 Apr 2014. The new eBACS will initially cater to all types of CRS online services while the BLS online services will open by early 2015.

Applicants using the new CRS online services will be transported into a new dimension with the following user-friendly features to experience with:

  1. Clear and concise Registration Requirements guide for every individual respective workhead and grade (downloadable in excel format )
  2. Helpful hints to accompany every section of the online application process
  3. New general guide to check for acceptable qualification and discipline for the respective RP/P/T
  4. Mandatory fields reduced for easier submission
  5. Clear directional buttons to navigate freely from one page to another
  6. Individual centralised section to attach the necessary supporting documents

Important Notice to Applicants with draft applications prepared under the existing eCRCS platform

Since the new eBACS is an entirely new platform, applicants who have prepared draft applications under the existing eCRCS platform are advised to submit their application before 4 Apr 2014. Otherwise, all documents (except track record) have to be re-attach under the new eBACS platform. We do apologise for the inconvenience and seek your understanding during the migration period. We assure you that our new eBACS platform will be greener, more accessible and easier to use. We thank you for your patience and support.