(Posted on 30/01/2014)

The current CRS requirement for A1 and A2 grades are 24 and 12 full-time professional and technical personnel (P&T) respectively with minimum one-third P&T requiring qualifications recognised by BOA, PEB or BCA.


In addition to the above, CRS will now require at least one-third of P&T with minimum 24 months of experience in Singapore, of which at least 12 months of experience in Singapore must be within the latest 3 years at the point of submission. This new requirement will be effective from 1 Sep 2014. This is to ensure that A1 and A2 firms employ adequate P&T equipped with the latest local regulatory and site experience to manage a large government construction project.


CRS will email the Form CRS/BLS 003 (Declaration of Personnel Appointment and Experience) to all A1 and A2 firms from 1 July 2014. The form must then be completed by all the full-time 24 and 12 P&T for A1 and A2 respectively, compile and email to by 1 Sep 2014. Other firms intending to upgrade to A1 or A2 from 1 July 2014 will also be required to submit this form. You can email to or call our hotline at 1800 3425222 if you require any clarification.



Question 1

I have 8 RPs and 16 P/T for A1 grade. All my 8 RP are fresh graduates. But 8 of my P/T have at least 24 months experience in Singapore and all of them have at least 12 months experience in Singapore in the latest 3 years. Will I be eligible to retain my A1 grade?


Yes, your A1 grade will be retained. The 24 months experience can be any combination of 8 RP/P/T.

Question 2

I have one P with 18 months experience in Singapore up to Dec 2006. He was then posted overseas from Jan 2007 to Jun 2013. He has since been working in Singapore from Jul 2013 to the current day i.e. 7 months of experience in Singapore. So he has a total of 25 months of experience in Singapore. Will he be eligible to meet the 24 months experience?


No, the personnel only spent 7 months of experience in Singapore in the latest three years. He must therefore complete 5 more months of experience in Singapore before he can meet this requirement. He can however represent the remaining two-thirds P&T