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Enhancement of Tender Evaluation Frameworks to improve Construction Productivity

Since 2001, BCA’s mandatory Buildability framework has encouraged more labour efficient building designs and is one key contributing factor to improving site productivity. In 2011, the Buildability framework was enhanced to include the constructability requirements to steer builders towards adopting more labour-efficient technologies and methods to improve productivity at the construction stage.

To nudge the industry to adopt labour saving solutions in construction to reduce the need for manpower usage at site, BCA enhanced the tender evaluation frameworks for public sector projects to recognise consultants and builders who have achieved higher buildability and constructability in their projects. The Buildable-Design Score Index (BS Index) and Constructability Score Index (CS Index) are now mandatory quality attributes when evaluating tenders under the Quality Fee Method (QFM - for consultants) and Price Quality Method (PQM - for builders) frameworks respectively.

Please access the below links for the computation methodology and records of BS/CS Index: