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Licensing Of Builders

Part VA of the Building Control (Amendment) Act 2007 on Licensing of Builders came into effect on 16 December 2008. Builders are given a period of six months from 16 December 2008 to apply for a licence so as to facilitate a smoother and gradual application process.

Please note that all builders in Singapore carrying out building works under the Building Control Act will have to apply for their builders licence latest by 16 June 2009.

For application of licence, please follow this link.


The Licensing of Builders Scheme is part of BCA’s long-term plan to upgrade the safety and quality standards of the construction sector. The aim of licensing of builders is to raise professionalism among builders by requiring them to meet minimum standards of management, safety record and financial solvency.


All builders carrying out building works where plans are required to be approved by the Commissioner of Building Control and builders who work in specialist areas which have a high impact on public safety will require a Builder’s Licence from 16 June 2009 . The requirement applies to both public and private construction projects.

Type of Licence

There are two types of licences:

  • General Builder licence
    For builders undertaking general building works, with 2 classes:

    (a) Class 1 General Builder Licence
    - Allowed to undertake project of any value

    (b) Class 2 General Builder Licence
    - Restricted to undertake projects of $6 million or less

  • Specialist Builder licence
    For builders undertaking any of the 6 types of specialist building works listed below. Builders can register in more than one category if qualified.

    (a) Piling works
    (b) Ground support and stabilization works
    (c) Site investigation work
    (d) Structural steelwork
    (e) Pre-cast concrete work
    (f) In-situ post-tensioning work

Licensing Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled for grant of Builder’s Licence.

(a) Appointment of Approved Person (AP)
The AP appointed will take charge and direct the management of the business in building works.

  • For a sole-proprietorship, AP should be the sole-proprietor
  • For a partnership, AP should be one of the partners
  • For a corporation, AP should be a director, or a member of the board of management, or an employee (being a person with similar duties and responsibilities of a director or member of its board of management)

For qualification and experience required for an AP, please go to this link.

(b) Appointment of Technical Controller (TC)
The TC appointed will oversee the execution and performance of any building works undertaken by the Builder.For Specialist Builders, any TC appointed is required to possess a civil or structural engineering degree from a recognised institution.

For qualification and experience required for a TC, please go to this link.

The list of recognised institutions can be obtained from the below links:
Professional Engineers Board (PEB) https://www.peb.gov.sg/Downloads/PE%20(Approved%20Qualifications)%20Notification%202009.pdf

BCA accepted for Resident Engineer application - List of Acceptable Qualifications for RE Accreditation.pdf.

(c) Minimum paid-up capital (for corporations only)

  • For Class 1 General Builder: Not less than $300,000
  • For Class 2 General Builder or Specialist Builder: Not less than $25,000

(d) Payment of licensing fees (validity of licence is up to 3 years)

  • Class 1 General Builder: $1800
  • Class 2 General Builder: $1200
  • Specialist Builder: $1500


BLS Simplified Guide and Forms for Download


Further information

You may wish to visit the following links for more information regarding Licensing of Builders.



All Class 1 General Builders undertaking a project of value which is $20 million or more will need to deploy a prescribed minimum number of construction personnel who are registered under the Construction Registration of Tradesmen Scheme (CoreTrade). The objective of CoreTrade is to build up a core group of local and experienced foreign workers in key construction trades to anchor and lead the workforce. CoreTrade requirements on deployment of registered tradesmen and foremen will begin on 16 June 2009.

For more information on CoreTrade, please visit this link.