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Request Approved Building Plans

Overview and Fees

The Registered Proprietors or their authorised persons can apply to purchase approved building and structural plans for their existing properties (subject to availability of plans). These plans do not contain details of Electrical and Plumbing layout. For newly constructed building, it must be issued with the Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC).

Here are the five types of applicants who can login their SingPass to Plan Purchase System (PPS) and make an application for on-line purchase of plans. Please visit PPS for detailed information on supporting documents required and Authorisation Forms for each type of application.

Type 1: I am a Registered Proprietor
(Note: My name is currently registered as a Sole-owner / Co-owner in SLA's property ownership record)
Type 2: I am the Staff from a Registered Proprietor of a Corporation/ an Organisation
(Note: Name of the Corporation / Organisation which I am working with is currently registered as a proprietor in SLA's property ownership record - This includes the religious organisation / non-profit organisation
Type 3: I am the Chairman of Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST)
Type 4: I am the Staff from the Owner of a State Property
(Note: Government Agency or Statutory Board which is taking charge of a State building / structure)
Type 5: I am the Authorised Person representing one of the above Proprietors

Procedure To Make An Application For Online Purchase Of Approved Plans

Step 1: Eligible applicant who has a SingPass can login to Plan Purchase System to make an online application, and attach all required supporting documents as stated in the System. A search fee is payable.

Step 2: BCA shall inform applicant on search process / outcome after 5 working days upon receipt of the application (subject to attached supporting documents which are in order for processing)

Step 3: When plans are ready, applicant can login his SingPass to Plan Purchase System to view, select and purchase the plans within 14 days. If more time is needed, upon applicant's request, System will auto allow a one-time extension of 7 days.

Step 4: After selecting the required plans, and a Plan Purchase fee is paid successfully online, applicant can download the purchased plans immediately or within 7 days.

Step 5: The application shall auto-close once online purchase (14 days) is expired. A fresh search fee will be payable for resubmitting an application.

Fees Payable

The online payment modes are: e-NETS (Internet banking) or VISA / Master Card.

Application Fee$ 30.00 (with GST) Per Address Per Application
Plan Purchase Fee $ 40.00 (with GST) Per Project Reference Number

Important Note:

Not all plans may be suitable for online viewing and purchase. BCA shall notify applicants if plans are to be viewed at its office. Viewing at BCA is strictly by appointment only. Applicants login their SingPass to Plan Purchase System and book an appointment 3 days in advance. They are required to bring a thumb-drive or hard-disk to download the purchased plans. There is no printing of plans service or certification on printed plans at BCA.