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Building Plan Approval

Application For Building Plan Approval

Any person, the building owner or the tenant who intends to carry out building works shall appoint Qualified Persons (QPs) to submit the structural plans and the building plans to the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) for approval. The Qualified Person will first obtain written permission from the URA, prepare the building plans, consult the relevant technical departments and incorporate their requirements onto the building plans. He will then submit the building plans to the Building & Construction Authority with the prescribed plan fee. BCA will approve the building plans within 7 working days if the submission is in order. The process of building plan submission is represented in the following flow chart "Work-Flow for Building Plan Submission " as described in the following sections.

All building plan approval applications for new erection must be submitted through the Corenet e-Submission System.

Before commencing any building works which involve structural works, a professional engineer shall submit structural plans to the BCA for approval. This can be done before or after the submission of building plans. If the structural plans are submitted prior to the submission of building plans, the precribed plan fees shall be paid during this submission. The QP for building plans need not pay the precribed plan fees again if the building plans are submitted after the structural plans and that full payment has been made during the structural plan submission.

Building works must commence within 24 months from the date of building or structural plan approval, failing which the approval will automatically lapse. Before starting any works, the QP, builder and the applicant must jointly apply for a permit to commence works from the BCA after having obtained structural plan approval and planning permission. The QP shall also submit progress report of the building works at regular intervals to the BCA after commencement of works

On e-submission, please refer to the attached circular dated 26 May 04.

Submission And Processing Procedure

Lodgment of project reference number

Box Reference of Flow Chart
QP prepares plans and issues Project Reference Number (please refer to the "Guidelines for Issuing Project Reference Number").

  • QP lodges Project Reference Number and job title with Building and Construction Authority without plans.

  • 2

    Pre-consultation with BCA

    Where necessary, QP may consult BCA on major BCA requirements and apply for waivers with sketches. BCA gives advice in writing. Project Reference Number must be quoted in all correspondence.


    Technical departments’ clearances

    QP submits plans to the relevant technical departments for their advice and clearances (please refer to the "Guidelines on BP Consultation with Technical Departments"). The relevant technical departments issue written instructions within the agreed time frame. Project Reference Number must be quoted in all correspondence.

    Note: QP may also be in the process of obtaining Written Permission (WP) from the Development Control Division, Urban Redevelopment Authority (DCD, URA).

    The technical departments involved in the approval of building plans generally are:-

    • Fire Safety & Shelter Department (FSSD)
    • Central Building Plan Unit, Pollution Control Department (CBPU, PCD)
    • Land Transport Authority, Roads & Transport (LTA, RT)
    • Land Transport Authority, Vehicle Parking (LTA, VP)
    • Land Transport Authority, Rails (LTA, Rails)
    • National Parks Board (Nparks)
    • Ministry of Education (MOE)
    • Preservation of Monuments Board.
    3a, 3b, 3f

    If there is a delay in obtaining any clearances or a conflict in the requirements of different technical departments, QP may request BCA to table the case at the fortnightly Building Plan Approval (BPA) meeting for resolution.

    3c, 3d, 3e

    QP assesses whether all clearances can be obtained within the next 2 weeks based on the status of submission to technical departments.


    Formal BP submission

    After WP is obtained and clearances from technical departments are obtained or likely to be obtained within the next 2 weeks, QP submits formal BP application to BCA. QP only needs to attach the site plan approved by URA with his BP submission. The full set of Development Control (DC) plans is NOT required. He has to declare that BP does not deviate from DC plan.


    BCA registers the application. BCA checks whether QP has submitted all clearances.


    If all clearances are submitted and BCA requirements are complied with, BCA approves the application within one week from the date of submission.


    If any clearance is still outstanding within the 2-week time frame, but BCA requirements are complied with, BCA may approve the application on condition that outstanding BP clearances have to be obtained and submitted prior to or with TOP/CSC application.