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Temporary Building

Application For A Permit To Erect Temporary Building


A person who intends to erect any temporary buildings described in para. 5.2 shall obtain a temporary building permit from the Building & Construction Authority (BCA). The application shall be made with the prescribed form and accompanied by plans and sketches as explained in the following paragraphs. The submission requirements for the various types of temporary building are listed out in para.5.5. The application shall be cleared by the relevant technical departments before it is submitted to BCA. The BCA, upon accepting the application, will issue a Temporary Building Permit specifying the conditions and duration granted for the building.

The submission and processing requirements are set out in the Building Control (Temporary Buildings) Regulations.

Technical Departments

The following are the relevant technical departments that may have to be consulted, where applicable, before the temporary building is erected.

  • Public Utilities Board (PUB), Pollution Control Department of National Environment Agency
  • Fire Safety & Shelter Department (FSSD)
  • Land Transport Authority, Road & Transport (LTA-R&T)
  • Land Transport Authority, Vehicle Parking (LTA-VP)
  • National Parks Board (NParks)
  • Conservation & Urban Design Division, Urban Redevelopment Authority (CUDD, URA)

Completion Of Works

The applicant shall display the permit on the building on completion of works. The PE shall also submit the following certificates of supervision, where applicable, after the erection:

  • Certificate of Supervision of Temporary Building: Form BPD_CSC06
  • Certificate of Supervision of Lightning Protection System Form BPD_CSC03
Upon expiry of the permit, the building shall be demolished and removed from the site, and the BCA notified.

Application Forms And Plan Fee
  • Application Form: Form BPD_BP09 shall be used.

  • Plan Fee: $10 per month or part thereof.

  • Endorsement: All plans shall be signed by the applicant and the Professional Engineer (PE) where applicable, with the standard temporary building endorsement by PE on the plan.