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Construction Productivity and Capability Fund (CPCF)


The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) introduced a Construction Productivity and Capability Fund (CPCF) amounting to about S$800 million as part of the Government's efforts to help the construction industry improve productivity and strengthen its capability.

The Fund comprises incentive schemes that focus on workforce development, technology adoption and capability development in Singapores built environment:

Workforce Development

Technology Adoption

Capability Development

CPCF Flowchart

BCA has enhanced the CPCF schemes to provide stronger support to the industry in raising productivity and building up capabilities.

There are other schemes on workforce development and capability development administered by Workforce Development of Singapore (WDA), and SPRING Singapore.

Businesses can also enjoy tax deductions for their efforts to improve productivity through two other schemes the Investment Allowance Scheme (administered by BCA) and the Productivity and Innovation Credit (administered by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore).

For more information on the incentive schemes under the Construction Productivity and Capability Fund (CPCF), please call the toll-free hotline: 1800-325 5050 or email the respective contacts under the various schemes:

BCA-Industry Built Environment Undergraduate Scholarship & Sponsorship Programme
Ms Sailaja Jayaram or Ms Liaw Chue Muai, E-mail:bca_industry_UG@bca.gov.sg

BCA-Industry Built Environment Part-time Sponsorship Programmes
Mr Wong Kok Leong, E-mail:wong_kok_leong@bca.gov.sg

BCA-Industry Built Environment Diploma Scholarship & Sponsorship Programme
Ms Fern Zheng, E-mail: bca_industry_DIP@bca.gov.sg

BCA-Industry Built Environment ITE Scholarship Programme
Ms Irene Ho or Ms Nurhadhinah Osman, E-mail:bca_industry_ITE@bca.gov.sg

BCA-Industry Built Environment Building Specialist Sponsorship Programme
Mr Ang Tiong Yeow, E-mail:bca_industry_BSS@bca.gov.sg

Building Information Model Fund
Ms Irene Tan, E-mail: irene_tan@bca.gov.sg

Construction Engineering Capability Development
Ms Lew Wei Hui, E-mail:lew_wei_hui@bca.gov.sg

Mechanisation Credit
Ms Ezrin Raof, E-mail: Ezrin_raof@bca.gov.sg
Ms Tan Mui Kheng, E-mail: tan_mui_kheng@bca.gov.sg

Productivity Innovation Project Scheme
Ms Fan Suet Lay, E-mail: bca_pip@bca.gov.sg
Ms Diana Lai, E-mail: bca_pip@bca.gov.sg

Workforce Training & Upgrading Scheme
Ms Sharon Tan, E-mail: bca_wtu@bca.gov.sg