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Online Submission - CoreTrade Deployment Plan

CoreTrade Deployment Plan

A licensed Class 1 General Builder, undertaking a project of value $20 million or more,  is required to lodge a manpower programme for the new project for which permit application has been made on and after 16 June 09, no later than the 30th day after the permit to carry out structural works has been granted.

The lodgment of the manpower programme is required to satisfy the requirements as listed in http://www.bca.gov.sg/coretrade/deployment_requirements.html, The manpower programme, to be lodged on the website at www.bca.gov.sg/coretrade/submission, must contain amongst other things the number of the registered construction personnel to be employed in connection with each class of work in the project and the period each registered construction personnel is to be employed.

Updating of Manpower Programme

After a manpower programme is lodged, the builder must, before deploying any registered construction personnel to work in connection with the project work, lodge an update containing the name, number and other particulars of the certificate of registration of each of the registered construction personnel.

If any changes occur to the details of the manpower programme, including changes in the value of the project work, expected date of completion, or particulars or number of registered construction personnel specified in the manpower programme after a manpower programme is lodged, the builder must lodge a notice describing the changes on the website at www.bca.gov.sg/coretrade/submission

Steps To Ensure Compliance With The Manpower Programme

The builder is required to keep and maintain a copy of the manpower programme lodged and updated at every project site. The daily attendance for all registered construction personnel employed in connection with the manpower programme is to be recorded in the Form and retained on site.