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Key Construction Trades

Key Trades

Key trades are high value-add trades that have high impact on construction quality, safety and productivity. There are 6 trades for CoreTrade foremen and 4 trades for CoreTrade tradesmen, as shown in the table below:

Electrical Works Electrical Works
Plumbing and Piping Works Plumbing & Piping Works
Tiling and Stone Laying Works Tiling & Stone Laying Works
Waterproofing Works Construction Plant Operation
Reinforced Concrete Works  
Structural Steel Works  

Scope of Works

The table below explains the scope of works involved in the trades for CoreTrade:

S/N Trade Scope
1 Reinforced Concrete Works

Fabrication and installation of formwork and steel reinforcement for reinforced concrete works, and installation of pre-cast concrete components.

2 Structural Steel Works

Fabrication, fitting, welding and erection of steel members or components to form an integral part of any structural system of a building.

3 Electrical Works

Installation of any wiring, cable, conduit, trunking, isolators, switch socket outlets, power switches or any other fittings for transmission of electricity for lighting, heating, cooling or other similar purposes in a building.

4 Plumbing and Piping Works

Installation of any gas, water and sanitary pipings, or any other associated fittings for conveyance of gas, water distribution, soil and waste water disposal in a building.

5 Tiling and Stone Laying Works

Laying of tiles, marble or stone finishes to interior or exterior walls and floors of a building.

6 Waterproofing Works

Applying or laying of material to waterproof any basement, foundation, roof, wet area or walls in the interior or on the exterior of a building.

Construction Plant Operation
7 Construction Plant Operation

Operation of any of the following construction plant:

  1. Saddle Jib Tower Crane
  2. Luffing Jib Tower Crane
  3. Mobile Crane
  4. Crawler Crane
  5. Hydraulic Excavator
  6. Telescopic Handler
  7. Bulldozer
  8. Track Shovel
  9. Excavator Loader
  10. Piling Rig